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Active Hourly Contract Not Appearing in Desktop App

I opened a new contract with a client about 45 minutes ago, but when I tried to open the desktop app to track my time and begin working, I only see my other contract as available to track. I'm not understanding what the issue is because I have deleted and reinstalled the desktop app as well as simply closing and restarting it multiple times. The first milestone needs to be hit by August 17, and I can't begin work. Any advice?

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Community Manager

Hi Maggie,


I checked and it seems that the contract you are referring to is a Fixed-Priced contract and they don't work the same way as Hourly contracts do. 


To ensure that you are payment protected on Upwork, we always recommend that you only submit work for the fixed-price contract through the contract page by clicking on the "Request for payment" button. By doing so, your client will have 14-days to review the work that you have submitted. If they don't come back within 14-days, the money in escrow will automatically be paid to your account. Feel free to check out this help article for more information about Fixed Priced protection.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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