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Active jobs are not appearing in the "public view" of my profile?



I am new here on this platform and have the following question:

I have completed one job and can see this one in my profile settings and the public view of my profile. 


Two other jobs that I am working on only appear in the section "All contracts", though - and do not appear in my profile settings nor in the public view of my profile?!


Having them be visible would be helpful to find other jobs, I assume.

Could someone, maybe also from the Upwork-team give some support to solve/ clarify this issue...?!?


Thank you!!!

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Jobs only appear in the public view once you have receive a payment for them. They will appear as Completed if the contract was ended, or as In progress if you were paid, but the contract was not ended.

Hello Sophie - 


thank you for this clarification! That helps👍

Have a great weekend🙏

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