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Add Bank account or debit card to a Company - migrate from self employed person to a company


I'm planning to migrate from slef employed person to established/run small business company and need to add new company/business bank account here in Upwork. By now I was only self employed. How can I add a business bank account as a new payment method on the name of the company I'm running.

I'm sorry for the complicated explanation.

Thank you very much!

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Hi Ivan, Here's an article on how you can add a billing method as client. Please go to Accounts menu> Settings> Billing Method. Hope this helps.

~ Jo-An


Hi Jo-An,

Is there a way to keep my freelance account and not to became a client.

I won't hire any additional person. I've got clients I'm working with now as a freelancer.  I registered small business company in my country to decrease my government taxes and already have business bank account which I want to add to Upwork so probably should add billing method and as a bank account name probably should add the company name not my personal name.

I hope you make sense.

Thank you,


Hi Ivan, Yes you can definitely be a freelancer and a client at the same time. Check this helpful article and some guide on how you can create a client account on the same account that you have now as a freelancer.

~ Jo-An


Ok,If understand you right If I want to send earned money from Upwork to my company bank account(not to my personal bank account) I have to create agency account. After that I have to ask my client to re-hire me (move my contract) through this new agency account. Is it possible one agency (me) to be hired from other agency (my client)? And is it possible me as an agency to work for my client without hire/invite anybody in my agency?
I just need to send my earing money to my company bank account. No need to hire anybody to work for me.
Thank you once again!
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Hi Ivan,


You may add your business bank account as a withdrawal method on your freelancer account, as along as you are listed as an authorized user on the business account. There won't be any need to create an agency to add it.


Please, check out the information available here about this topic.

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