Addding "Last Seen Time" on profile & "Read Message Update" for messages

Hello, I have an idea in mind.. hope you guys want to work on it.. So, basically we all know how we can see the "Last Seen" time in Whatsapp. Can you guys come up with something similar.. This would be great for both Freelancers & Contractors. Coz, what happens sometimes is.. the contractor keeps waiting for the reply.. or simply have to keep guessing whether the freelancer has read the message or not.. So, by adding the 2 elements "last seen" & "read message", they will atleast have an idea whether the freelancer have recently accessed their odesk account and the read the message or not.. Similarly, for freelancers.. certain times when they ask for payments and contractors just vanishes.. They can have a track whether the contractor is genuinely not responding coz they have not accessed their account & read the message.. or its just they are ignoring them. This is just a suggestion.. :) Regards Anisha