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Adding Additional PayPal Payment Method

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Is there an option in Upwork to add a second paypal account as a payment method to my profile?

Currently I use my commercial PayPal account as payment method, but would like to add my personal PayPal adress too so I can choose each time where to withdraw to.


This was an option in Elance before and I was selecting one of my 2 paypal accounts for withdraws, now I see no option to add additional one.


Connected with the above, if my Upwork account is an agency, is there an option to have a withdraw method for the main agency profile - my commecial PayPal, while to add my personal PayPal account as a payment method to me personaly as an agency member?




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Vladimir,


No, you can only add one PayPal account to your financial accounts. You can set your PayPal accounts in the way you described on your Freelanecr and Agency profiles.


Please change your current profile photo and use a real photo of yourself on your Freelancer profile.


Hi Vladimir,


Thank you for your reply!


I have upgraded to Agency Plus. I exist as an owner of the agency and I see that I have a separate personal profile along with the one for the agency.


I went to settings in my personal profile, and tried to add a personal email (different from the agency one) but if I add such it changes the Agency profile email as well while I was trying to set a personal freelancer email and leave the agency email unchanged.


Also I do not see the Get paid link in my personal profile, so I can add a separate payment method which is my personal paypal and not the agency one.


From your answer I understood that is possible to have a personal paypal method, different from the agency paypal account, but if it is linked only to my personal freelance profile?! Did I miss understood and can you please let me know the steps I have to pass through so to set this on?


Thank you!

Hi Vladimir,


You don't need to change the registered email address on your Upwork account, which is the same for both of your profiles. Log into your second (personal) PayPal account and add the email address you're using on your Upwork account, and then set that PayPal account on your Freelancer profile.


Let me know if you need further assistance.


Hi Vladimir G,


Thanks for your suggestion, but it looks impossible to add the email to my personal PayPal account, which email is used at the same time for my company paypal account and Upwork agency account.


When I try to, I have the next message from PayPal:

"We’re sorry. You can’t claim the money with this account because it's already linked with another user. Try asking your sender to send to a different email address if you have one."


In this case, how I can set so my personal freelancer account in Upwork be linked with another paypal account, different from the agency paypal account?



Hi Vladimir,


Please, contact customer support so the team could assist you further with setting up your financial accounts.


Thank you.

~ Valeria