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Adding Bank Account


I want to add Account Information into my account. But I want to be sure of one point.


I have started on Upwork with a vision to create an agency. So with that perpective I registered a organization and the E-mail and Contact number of my upwork account are same as in the organization Bank account details. 


So the point is the name on upwork account and the organization names are different, but I want to use the organization bank details into my upwork account. E-mail and contact details are same for upwork and bank account. So please guide if adding the organization bank account details will cause an issue or it will be fine?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Suraj,


To set up payment to your bank or payment account, you must be listed as an account holder or authorized signer on that account, or demonstrate that you are authorized by the business to do so. If you are using a company bank account, you will need to provide some information in order to complete the verification. For more information on that, you can check this help article.


To create an agency on Upwork, you can go to Settings > My Teams, select 'Create a new account'. On the popup, click on the 'New Freelancer Agency Account' and fill out the form. You can check out this help article to learn more about agencies and how they work.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

Hi Aleksandar,

Thanks for your reply.


Actually I am working as Product Head and working as an employee for the organization but I am not the under the category of account holder/authorized signer. But as you have mentioned that if i demonstrate that I am authorized by the business to do so, in that case i would be able to share my joining letter/ appointment letter or any other thing which can demonstrate that I am associated with the organization and handling the profile on my own but is linked only by the organization.


Hope that will work and please correct me incase I am wrong.


Thanks and Regards



Is there any further update you can provide me @Aleksandar.
Community Manager
Community Manager

That shouldn't be the problem, Suraj. 


If our team needs any additional information, they will reach out to you directly and guide you further through this process.

Thank you.

~ Bojan
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