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Adding delete feature to messages

In oDesk.com Messages, we currently don't have delete feature for the messages. Just can be archived but can't be permanently delete. I would love if they could be deleted from archived permenently and from sent too.

Hi Amir, Thanks for your valuable feedback. I'm forwarding this to our concerned Product Manager.
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Agree completely. I was cutting/pasting a "let's chat over Skype" message and forgot to change the applicants name. Definitely need an EDIT or DELETE option. 


Why have you resurrected a thread from 2013 to post something unrelated to the OP. How does your error in copy pasting result in the need to be able to delete a message? You need to delete a message to force you not to copy paste?
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Once again - the need to LOCK threads.
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Hi Grayson,


We occasionally hear requests to be able to remove or edit messages on Upwork and we appreciate the suggestion. However, it is not something we will be able to provide in the near future as messages become very valuable when it comes to disputes or any other issues between client and freelancer. Currently, a message thread can be completely removed only by our engineers. In your case, I would just suggest apologizing to your client for the mistake, I am sure they will understand.

~ Valeria

People sometimes wonder why all clients who use Yahoo Messenger are scam clients. You always know a "client" is planning to cheat you when he uses Yahoo Messenger. This is one of the reasons why. Because, as Valerie explains, Upwork messaging is archived by Upwork and can not be deleted, and it can be researched if there is any kind of dispute.

Yahoo Messenger and Upwork messaging provide the same type of communications, but scammer clients ask potential contractor victims to use Yahoo Messenger so they can be untraceable when doing their nefarious scams.

Hi Preston,

I believe what you said that it is better not deleted so it can be researched in times of dispute, but at least I hope there's an option to archived it.  Or perhaps an option to create a folder to organize messages.  Like in my case, I have messages that I don't want to see and I hope I could be able to see the active messages or those I need only and maybe archived or move in another folder those I don't need anymore.


Come on,  there will come a time when you really need to delete messages.  Just give the responsibility to the freelancers/client to keep messages which they think they will probably still need in the future.






I'd recommend a way to archive/hide all messages

I go through every message and click hide message as they are all old, but then every time I open the screen the same messages pop up. It is really distracting, these are all old messages. I'm seeing the same messages pop up from weeks or days ago and it's really distracting if you are working on a proejct.

Why are they still there? I click on unread and still there are old messages on the right of the screen.

I now just hid all messages and then they come up again. 


It is very aggravating and I wouldn't use your website but I don't have any other way to find people.