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Adding members to an Agency

First of all I apologize if my question has already been discussed in community. I have an agency on Upwork and I am the only member of that agency (owner). Recently I got to know that you can add your employees in your agency as members even if they do not have an upwork profile. As per my understanding, if I invite them through my agency, their profiles will have limited functnailities such as they wont be be able to take new projects for themselves. I have following questions:


1- Can my employees after joining Upwork get work on their own? In that case I dont think I would be able to retain them as employees. 


2- Will I be able to control their profile? For instance if they leave my office and I remove them from my agency, what will happen to their profiles?


Thank you!

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Hi Arslan,

Let me help you:
1. You can have your employees joining using your business email id and you can keep the user name and password in your control as they are your employees.

2. You can fully control all those accounts using business manager.

Please give a little more time to understand the business manager functionality and agency account features and you should be comfortable to add your employees and win more jobs on upwork.

Wish you good luck brother.


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Hello Brother, 


Thank you for the prompt response. So basically I need to have control on their email addresses and Pwds in order to have control on their profiles? I thought Upwork offered some sort of solution where my employees could have very limited control on their profiles. 





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As per the Upwork's terms, each account belongs to the original user hence they have the rights to use it, however if you are using your business and information, you can surely control it. So if they switch job, you can simply close those accounts from your business manager account and you are done.

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Thank you so much for explaining it. 

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