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Adding samples in our proposal

Hi everone,


Have nice day, I am new on upwork and I have almost 2 months to start working on upwork.

I have many question but now I thinking about proposal I read article on upwork that is posted by a freelancer and he we said  "Add your samples to the beginning of your application".

So I have about that how we add our samples in the begining of our application.



ThanksSmiley Happy


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Farhan A wrote:

how we add our samples in the begining of our application.

You can't.

When you write a proposal there is a box where you can attach samples but it's at the bottom of the page. I am not sure how the client receives those samples, I have never asked them. It's said that if a client includes questions to be answered those answers will appear above the proposal even though they appear below when you write. So who knows if the samples appear at the beginning or at the end.


Always check the date of the articles you read around here because the interface was modified throughout the years. In fact, what I stated above is something I read some time ago, maybe it was changed already. What is certain is that you can't modify the order things appear for the client. However, I guess you can include a link to an online sample of yours at the beginning of your proposal, inside the cover letter and before the text, instead of attaching a sample the Upwork way.

I don't know but I just clarify the article statement it may be wrong

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