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Additional comments on the draft after submit proposal

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Murad K Member Since: Sep 13, 2015
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It so happens that you responded to the work, provide your Cover Letter and responded to additional questions (if they were the client) and send us your application.


The next day comes the understanding that there is an important idea to convey to the customer that may affect the decision to choose a contractor in your direction - but There is no such functionality on Upwork to send additional data (text and attachments) to the application (at least once) after you submit proposal.


For example, the client proposes to develop a program and database to it. I accept the offer and write a Cover Letter In which tell about my abilities and basic project proposal.

The client doesn't hire me, and maybe not responding. OK, more detail I comprehended the task, decide in your own time to make the database schema for this project (it does not take much time to me, so why not?) and want to send the scheme to the client, so he can assess the correctness of the chosen direction.


Such a possibility - to write the additional data to the project (you can allow for example 1 time to do it ), after having already sent my proposal may increase the chances of me as a developer to win the project, and the client - to get the right technician who is really willing to work and shows interest in the project.


I'm even willing to pay for this functionality on UpWork!


PS improvement (website interface)


When looking at the details on my proposal, I want to understand what exactly the time the client has. Not all of them can translate "UTC-8:00 PM" in the current time of the client. See the example in the attachment to understand what I'm talking about.

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