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Additional questions after bid proposal are ridiculous - need to limit to 3!!!

Why on earth do we have to answer as many as FIVE additional and often idiotic questions when bidding?


Bid proposal letter - I include all concise and direct information about that specific project.


Followed by...


Why do you think you're a good fit? <<Oh I dunno, I just felt like it I guess, like I have nothing better to do>>


What other smilar projects like this one have you done. <<See my cover letter - that's why we have a cover letter>>


Why did you bid on this project? <<See first response, if I have to type it again I will scream>>


Do you have any questions about the project? <<Yes, why did you have to waste our time asking for PROFESSIONAL BRANDING when your budget is $50??????>>


Do you have any questions about the project description? <<Yes, WHY THE HELL WOULD UPWORK ALLOW YOU TO ASK SO MANY REPETITIVE AND USELESS QUESTIONS????>>


Upwork - limit client options to THREE MAXIMUM - one of two of your generic questions and one or two of their own. BUT NO MORE than THREE!!!!!

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Hi Andrew,

You picked a great subject, there are numerous extra inquiries Upwork should make a great move for extra inquiries.

My idea is likely to boycott the all inquiry when they post a task since the consultant composes an introductory letter to push each data there. Extra inquiries took additional time from the specialist.




I like it when clients have lots of repetitive and thoughtless questions like that, especially when it's impossible to answer intelligently due to their extremely vague job descriptions. It's a clear sign that these are clients I don't want to work with. Ignoring these jobs saves me a lot of time.

Hi Christine,

It's really brilliant thought dear! Thanks for sharing your feedback.

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