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Admin Access to Freelancer Accounts - Feature Request

I have built a decent-sized business on Upwork and now need to outsource tasks in order to grow (which is will let Upwork charge more fees). I want to give my Administrative Assistant access to certain areas of my account (messaging, especially). However, I cannot do this unless I create an agency, which if I do does not carry forward my hard-earned reviews, and it drops prior conversations from existing clients. 


I do not want to begin again, I just want to expand.


Can Upwork please make admin access available to regular freelancer profiles? Or make migration of freelancer to agency profiles more inclusive and streamlined? 






Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sean,


Thank you for your feedback but currently, I'm not aware of any plans to add access permissions for an individual freelancer account. Currently agencies can be used by freelancers who want to collaborate and work as teams on Upwork. While it's not possible to move individual freelancer Work History to the agency, any contracts done under the agency will be shown in its Work History. Your freelancer profile will be linked on the agency's profile as well.


We'll also make sure to notify the Community about any changes or improvements to agencies or individual freelancer account permissions.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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