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Advice For Getting Invites To Projects On Upwork.

Today I just received my Top Rated badge on Upwork - Yay! I wanted to reach out to the community and ask some advice on why I have yet to receive even a single invite to a project on Upwork.


I was under the impression the Top Rated badge would help with this, is this true? Or is the problem with my profile?


Bellow is my portfolio:


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Congratulations! Regardless of how much (or how little) it helps attract good invitations, the TR badge is a great thing to have in your pocket against the inevitable day when a project goes sideways or a client loses his mind and you need to remove feedback.


IME invitations ebb and flow, depending on where I am in the UW-determined rotation for appearing at the top of search results. Beyond that, having a compelling profile is key. Search out FLs in your category who appear to be earning the most money. They are probably living mostly on invitations. Study how they present their capabilities and position themselves.


Thank you for the tip! 

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I wanted to reach out to the community and ask some advice on why I have yet to receive even a single invite to a project on Upwork.


I haven't received one since December 17.  Cant say if that's normal or not, I wouldn't know.

Congrats on the TR!

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You have a couple of typos and grammatical errors in your profile, not that people looking for designers might necessarily notice, but still....


I agree with Phyllis; invitations ebb and flow. I'm currently being inundated. I specialize in print books though so it might just be that time of year. If you can get some hourly work that might help you look less "new" on your profile. Seems like my invites went up a lot as I had more and more hours.

Thank you for pointing that out to me Kelly. 


I usually try a stay away from hourly work, but I will take your advice and start trying to build that aspect of my portfolio up!

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Congrats on the Top Rated badge.  Protect it well by aligning yourself with great clients. Agree with the ebbs and flows. Also agree that profiles should be compelling. As a designer myself, I also think a big part of it is distinguishing yourself from other designers. Don't just say your different...explain how/why you are different. Make yourself unique. 


For me, this meant discovering that packaging design is specialized experience that not alot of designers have...and this yielded more results. For others it might be a niche in a particular vertical, or might be something else.  Dig deep to find what makes you unique. And, be sure it's articulated in a way that will resonate with clients. 

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