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Advice please! Contract is on hold - missed deadline

I signed a contract that had an extremely short deadline. I sent the work on time, but shortly later my client asked me to complete some additional work. However, I received a message from Upwork saying my contract had been placed on hold and was advised not to complete the work.

So, for the first time ever, I did not send my client’s additional work/meet the deadline. Instead, I explained the situation, but we are in different time zones, so he would have retired assuming I had failed to honour the second deadline and complete his work.

Will he be allowed to leave me bad feedback? Will I get paid for the original work?

This has never happened to me before, so advice is appreciated.

Thank you.
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I suspect your client was a student and was busted for violating the TOS. Alternatively, their credit card failed and they aren't paying Upwork. Either of these would explain why they were in such a hurry to get the work. You *may* end up not being paid--I'm not sure how that part works. But, the good news is that if the client is suspended, the contract shouldn't impact your JSS. 

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