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Adviced on how to act -> Unresponsive Client

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Hello everyone, sorry to bother you all with this message, but this is the first time something like this has happened.

I got a client who asked for a very demanding job, in terms of the time needed, a transcription of a comic book into word. I finished it and completed/fixed what the other freelancer he hired didn't do. The client was very responsive and gave me everything I asked from him to complete the job.

At the end he offered me to transcribe the english version of the comic so that he would add a new milestone to the original contract, I said YES and he told me he was going to scan the pages.

That was almost a week ago and up until today I haven't got a single response on his side, event though he has checked the project page and has been online. I clearly told him that I needed the scanned pages, in case I work without an internet connection or something similar, and that I wouldn't start the project unless I got his permission/approval (since I found a version of the comic online), in case he wouldn't like that and started some "legal actions" (refund, etc).

As I said, it's been a week and no responde, I've contacted Upwork directly to see what they recommend me to do or if they can do something themselves.

The client hasn't closed the original contract (not giving feedback and such) and I am also afraid that, because of how insistent and "annoying" I am being right now, I will get a bad score on his side that will affect my current JSS/Status.

Has this happened to any of you? How did you deal with it?

I really need some advice.

EDIT: To add something, I WAS PAID for the transcription of the "Spanish Version" of the comic book, but the client hasn't answered me about the offer he did to me about the transcription of the "English Version" of the comic book, also he hasn't closed nor given feedback on the current contract.

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Clients are not obligated to respond to freelancers. I always get paid for my work, regardless of whether or not clients respond.


If the client wants you to do the next milestone, he will fund the milestone fully and provide you with the input files (scanned pages) necessary for you to do the work.


Your client is an intelligent human being. He knows you can't start until you have these.

Sorry if I didn't explained myself properly Preston.

I got paid without a problem for the "Spanish version transcription" but the client asked me if I wanted to do the transcription for an English version of the same file (as a new milestone), to which I said YES, and the client agreed to sent me the scanned pages and everything necessary.

But since that moment, he hasn't answered any of my messages regarding this new "possible" task even though he has been online. Also he hasn't closed or given feedback on the open contract that was already finished.

The details of this project are between you and the client. This is NOT a matter for you to take to Upwork customer service. Upwork is NOT a comic book transcription service.


If the client funded the milestone and knows you have access to a usable English language version of this comic book already online, but you choose to not use that version, that is between you and the client.


Maybe you are 100% correct in your position. That is not for Upwork to decide.


You may choose to

- wait and see if the client will upload scans

- transcribe the version that is available online

- refund the funded milestone and close the contract.


It is YOUR choice.

Community Guru

I understand the situation it can be frustrating if he booked you for something and then didn't get back to you. What I would do is leave a very polite message mentioning that I'm waiting and he needs to send me material and confirm before I start.  That's it If he needs it he will contact you. You are right if you are bothering him he can end the contract and leave bad feedback.  Maybe he is busy and planning to send you work soon. So, I would suggest don't panic and wait for him to get back to you. If after few weeks he is not responding you can always end the contract.

Whether or not the original poster is online is not really any of the original poster's business, and is not something that the freelancer can know in any meaningful way. The freelancer does not know what computers The client is using or what screens or windows the client is looking at, or what messages the client has read.


The freelancer may think he sees something that says "online," or he may think he sees a little green dot or something. But this has nothing to do with anything. It certainly does not mean the client is intentionally ignoring him or cares about his schedule.

And of course you should never start work on any milestone until it is fully funded. You already know that.


If you have asked a client once to fund a milestone, and they have not funded it, then it means the client does not want you to work on that milestone.