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Advise me for getting better chances and jobs

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Mohammad O Member Since: May 14, 2015
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I newely start getting jobs in upwork, I get my first job for jus 1.5 $ Smiley LOL in april , then I got two job one hourly and the other is fixed and both is not an ended contract yet.
But I am trying to get more advanced job that can make me support my self more, and the problem is that from april till now I spend 120 connects but only get 3 jobs, and any application I apply for will never catch it.
My profile is growing and I know that now my possibilties of getting a job is increased because of my small profile record ( 5 feedback star ).

So can any one advise me and share something that can help me getting more job, like what to include and what to not include in the cover letter, .......... etc.
Note: I am using two fixed cover letters  and change a little on them for every job.



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Mohammad O Member Since: May 14, 2015
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I am looking for an agency in data enty and admin support that need freelancer to join, so if somebody know one

please help me.

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Mohammed and welcome to the Community!


It is always difficult to get started especially in highly competitive fields of data entry, admin support and writing. Don't give up hope though. It looks like you chose the lowest profile hourly rate possible. Although it is good to start at lower rate than you would ideally like to work at, it is not a good idea to start at the lowest. Also, I would suggest adding more items to your portfolio and hiding below average test scores until you are able to retake them.


If you haven't already, please check out this thread for more advice about getting started. And one last thing, currently your profile is set to private, which means that clients cannot invite you and other members of the Community cannot see your profile and provide suggestions. You may want to change that.


Best of luck!


~ Valeria

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Edward G Member Since: Sep 22, 2014
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I second what Valeria wrote. Your profile is private so clients can't invite you to apply. Other freelancers can't look at your profile to advise you. And data entry agencies can't see you to ask you to join. While setting a low rate may seem like a good idea, it can harm you in the long run. Finally, 1 job out of 40 applications is not unusual. There are far more freelancers than clients.