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After 1 year on Odesk/Upwork I have some suggestions.

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Stephen R Member Since: Jun 19, 2015
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Point taken Jan.

You are right.

Except the murkiness will waste your connects.


Getting hired in any field is right place, right time and some luck.

Online these possible clients all look like the Google Campus or Apple.

In reality, many are beat up small town print shps that need that "Really Creative Designer" and only want to pay Entry level. 


Why not allow us to make better choices?



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Jan L Member Since: Jul 5, 2015
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Stephen, I am a pro in losing connects. I cannot shove my cover letter down someone's throat if they don't hire me. My bigger issue is that bunch of my connect went to idle job posts that got expired. I guess i have dry spell, bad luck, weird mojo.

Yes, Upwork could do something to make job posters more "human", but that would not guarantee that they are honest  people. I really don't mind if my future client is a crackhead in need for club flyers or fortune 500 top billin company. All I want is honest relationship with them, payment on time, clear communication and (if possible) not to butcher my work.  

So far I expect that most of job posters are regular people. Big players are more into handpicking a cute (and awarded) design agency or super media visible visual artist and trust me they are cheapskates. that protect themselves with murky contracts, you end up waiting thier money for over a year and similar.  I wish you that experience, so you can come back here and vent your soul out wishing that you spent your time doing some labels for a etsy shop of some housewife from North Dakota or Spain. 

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Stephen R Member Since: Jun 19, 2015
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Currently i have 31 proposals stuck in limbo.

No Hires, a few interviews showing on the proposals.

Some go back 3 months.


Let talk about invites? How many have you gotten recently?

I barely get them anymore and when i do its for a job I am not skilled for.


Good times!





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Charlie E Member Since: Aug 2, 2015
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  1. The clients country is fully visable. Not sure what you're looking at??
  2. This question is almost childlike in it's naivety. If we post a job for a Python developer to work on a script that does xyz, and our client sees that we are planning on doing xyz because our name is public, then we lose our competitive advantage. Our job history would be a blueprint for our business strategy. The clients name is hidden to protect sensitive job details from being linked to them. This is standard in industry and it's why many companies use recruitment companies. We don't want our competitors to know what we are doing. 
  3. What job title does the person have? CEO, no wait...Chairman of the board.....hold on.......Captain.......Really, what does it matter. As a business owner I can give myself any title I want as can any other business owner. Titles mean nothing. This week my business partner's job title is "water boy". This should show you how important titles are in a small business. FYI, small businesses represent the majority of Upwork clients. 

Here are some simple facts: Clients are under no obligation to disclose anything to a freelancer who applies to a public job invitation without being invited. 


I personally don't want any Tom, Dick Van Dyke or Harry with an Upwork account to be able to see personal information about myself or my company unless:


  1. I have invited them to apply to my job. 
  2. I have reached out to them via message after they applied to my job lising

You are under no obligation to apply to job postings. It's not as if clients aren't receiving enough applicants already. 


If Upwork implemented what you suggest, they would lose a lot of clients. It's not going to happen...

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Stephen R Member Since: Jun 19, 2015
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Wow, who **Edited for Community Guidelines**? Earth to Charlie. When a freelancer applies a job the country of origin is hidden unless they choose to make it known. Sensitive details? Really? I speak for freelancers not clients. I've wasted many connects on Upwork over the past year on mystery job posts that turn up nothing. Upwork and other sites like it are a challenge and always will be. Asking for a bit of transparency from a future business associate may make for a better relationship. So asking for a country, first name, company name and job title ain't to hard. Now go grab a Turkey leg, a beer and go watch some NFL. It's Thanksgiving tomorrow, go enjoy the holiday.