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After 5 years on Upwork i made the obvious mistake

Hi All, 


so although I've been here for 5 years I made a naive mistake this time I worked on my last milestone for a job without getting it paid or activated, submitted the work for client opinion, and now they disappeared. clients haven't responded for a week and I'm guessing they won't. I know in this case I'm not protected and will probably close the contract and never get that last payment. My question is if I do and give them my feedback is it possible that they would also leave feedback that would affect my 100% job success score?

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I had a situation like this, not very similar but related. I texted him gently about the feedback and its effect. I left him genuine feedback and asked for the same. And he did.

However, I do not think he will ever leave feedback in your case. Just text him about the feedback and its effect, and close the contract.

And I think a contract with 0 earnings has no effect.

Upwork moderator Avery O has said this:


"...if no money exchange hands in a contract, you and your client should still be able to provide private feedback for each other when closing the contract and it will contribute to the freelancer's Job Success score."


Solved: End contract with no earning - Upwork Community

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Thank you Ubaid , he actually did pay all three previous milestones. will probably do as you advised, thanks 

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