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After 6 months on upwork, still fail to secure a client

I am seriously not sure what i have done wrong. I have not secure any clients to help me . I spend money to buy connects yet did not get any clients. This is so frustrating. Too competitive here.

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Okay, Sylvester.

Here are some tips for you.

1- Remove emojis from your profile description, and write a detailed description explaining the pain points of your target customers & how you will solve them. 

2- Add detailed employment history & experience as well. 

3- Add an introductory video.

4- Reduce your hourly rate at the start. 

5- Start aggressively bidding on the proposals & do not COPY n paste, create customized proposals, and offer solutions to the problem clients mentioned in the job post.

6- Request testimonials from your previous clients. ( make sure to use every available feature on the profile )


7- Add projects.

Implement these tips, and see if something changes. 
I wish you good luck. 

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