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After logging on using my Google account and going to settings why am I prompted to log on again?

1. Log in using Google Account

2. Click on the profile icon

3. click settings

4. promted to login again

see attached picture


Hi Pritesh,


Thank you for reaching out to us. It is by design that you will be prompted to enter your password again when accessing your settings, especially the "Get Paid" section. This is to add another layer of security as we understand some users are automatically logged in to their mobile apps or web browsers where login info can be saved. We want to make sure only the account owners see the information in your settings to avoid risking or compromising your identity and bank/financial information.

~ AJ

Hi Annie Jane,

Thank you for your reply. So if I am using my Google Account, how am I supposed to log in when prompted with an email when I have not setup my email to log in?

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When you login with Google then it shares yous details such as email and name with the third party.

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