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Agency Contract

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Faisal S Member Since: Apr 8, 2016
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I would like to suggest that clients should be able to assign work to an agency rather than one freelancer.   The agnecy manager should then be able to assign parts of the project to the team member.


I am stuck with a bunch of contracts, and a team who is able to deliver, and clients who know that I get work thru my team, but not able to charge more than one clients at the same time.


I have tried requesting clients to assign multiple contracts for team memebers.  Some understand the logic and agree.  Some get nervous, perhaps due to the risk of being over charged due to multiple contracts.  I totally understand their nervousness and probably feel the same if I were in their shoes.


I just wish UpWork will come up with an option for clients to assign contract to an agency, with an overall hour limit, and one responsible freelancer (agency manager).  This would help the clients and the agencies, and it will help agencies do more work for clients, hence more income for Upwork.