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So this is specifically for the mods and admins, but I appreciate any and all contributions.


I have an upWork agency. upWork gives the agency it's own URL.


The agency has two staffing managers, myself the owner, and one other.


We have two contractors working for our agency.


Two clients have now complained.  They navigate to the upWork agency page, they click the big green CONTACT button on the right, expecting to be able to hire one of the other contractors, and all they can do is hire me.


That shouldn't be. 


On the bottom right of the screen it shows myself, and my colleague as hiring managers, and it lists one contractor as an agency contractor.  There is a little truncated profile display, it shows job success and last worked. 


Beside the two hiring managers there are CONTACT buttons.  Clicking either of those buttons allows the client to be able to hire the respective hiring manager.  But nowhere on this page does the client have the ability to engage, or select, or otherwise hire the agency contractor.


This seems to be in error, or an omission. 

Is there something that I and the clients misunderstand?  Shouldn't the client have the option to select who from the agency will be best capable of completing the job (or in this case, since I've already negotiated with the client which contractor they'll hire for the job) and hire that contractor via the agency?


Would appreciate some clarification on this.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Chad,


Thank you for bringing this up. I'll share your concerns with the team.


Meanwhile, the client can click on the name of agency contractor from the agency profile and then either send an invite or direct offer to them from their profile.

~ Valeria

Thank you for looking into this Valeria. You are indispensable.


Just to clarify:  if the client does click on the link and is taken to the contractor's profile, when the client clicks hire they hire the contractor directly and not through the agency.


That is not what the clients want in this instance.


The only work around I can see is for the client to create a private project, and have the contractor apply under the agency.


That's a whole lot more work than seems necessary.