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Agency Job Posts

Would anyone else like to see posts from agencies clearly labled as such? Like after the job title it should say "Agency" or something like that? I know many freelancers like to work with agencies, but some do not and it would be great if we knew whether we were dealing with an individual client or an agency before clicking on the post or using connects to apply to it.

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When freelancers (or clients) say that they don't like to work with agencies, they usually mean agencies formed here on Upwork by their fellow freelancers. I've never seen anyone complain in the forum about working for a client who turned out to have an agency.

But would you be in favor of what I suggested? And if not, why? How could it hurt? And I guess I'll be the first to say I don't like working for a client who is part of a non-Upwork agency. Every time I've done that, it's been a huge pain in the butt with them having to go back and forth with their bosses or clients for approvals instead of just being able to make decisons themselves. I won't ever do that again. And I also don't like working with agencies formed here either because I think they are just lazy people making a buck off of other people's actual work.

Someone doesn't have to be part of an agency in order to have a boss or require outside approval - you'd need to ask whether a client is the decision maker, or an underling, or part of a team that will all have input. Not sure how that would be worded, other than to ask the client yourself. 


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I don't know that there's a clear dividing line between individuals and corporate bodies when it comes to clients. You often find yourself dealing with multiple people using the same client account, e.g. employees of the same company.


What often puzzles me is that some clients have all kinds of jobs advertised, but on each job posting they say they specialise in whatever kind of work that particular job involves. For example, they might say they are a small marketing agency that needs copywriters, but then you look at the hiring history and it includes everything from software development to architectural design. Are these people farming out work, or what?

That seems like a good guess.

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