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Agency account vs Specialized Profile

Hi guys,

I was hoping for some advise.


I have a digital marketing firm off upwork and I would like to bid for jobs fo it on here. My profile and work history is virtual assistant type work and so far the other members of my team are unable to create a profile on upwork. 


Can I have an agency with just me in it or should I create a specialized profile and bid for jobs with that?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Chisobem,


Thanks for reaching out to us. Unlike a general profile, a specialized profile will allow you to create a separate title and overview, as well as set a different rate. It will also let you go into more detail about the type of skills you do work in. For example, for mobile development: programming languages, types of devices you develop on, which categories of apps you’ve worked on, etc. You can keep your general profile the way it is or update it – it's up to you. When a client uses the search function to search for freelancers we will show them your most relevant profile, whether it's your general profile or your specialized one. Kindly, follow up on our Help Article to learn more on how to Create a Specialized Profile.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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