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Agency & Client & Contractor Relationship

I have some suggestion to oDesk : It will be better if oDesk give the agency owner the responsibility to manage their team members & choose the right peoples to work on a specific job without the client approval for each team member will contribute in the project . For the feedback : it will be shared with each one participated in the project & the agency profile For the report : each contractor will select the project assigned by the agency owner or staff manager on work on it & the client will see the report of each contractor participated in the project The client can limit from the begging the number of contributor in the project like the weekly limit option, as he can change it later if the project manager require more people to work with him Also i don't like the idea of letting the client know the rate of each one in the agency or even their profile because if the agency bid is 30$ , then he will find two people working in the agency for his project with the rate of 15$ /h so probably he will think , why he don't just will hire them as independent contractors A big part of these suggestions are functional in Elance , but we prefer working in oDesk since we have made a long term career here . Thanks Ahmed