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Filip K Member Since: May 22, 2017
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I have recently started an Agency and, after a month, I think Upwork developers were not thinking about many important features.

First annoyance is that there is no Find Work menu on the Agency profile. So every time you login, and you want to check jobs, you need to adjust filters. Of course, these filters are one-time only filters and when you login again, guess what? You need to set the filters again. I contacted support and got a reasonable answer: That feature is not supported for Agencies. Wow. Agencies can have up to 400 connects, whioch is around 200 bids. Agencies obviously bid much more than regular freelancers. Yet, the whole process is much harder for an Agency. Can we change that?

Second annoyance is there is no Overview section where you can see yout standings, like work under review, pending work etc. As freelancer you can find a lot useful info here.

So why Agencies can't have the same (or more) information available. So as an Agency owner I can't track the financial activity until it's alrerady payed (since only information possible are in the Transaction History section). So, I contacted support and got a reasonable answer: That feature is not supported for Agencies. So can we support it?

And last, but not the the least, as a Business manager I can't just assign the job to my client, but I have to ask the client to find the individual freelancer under the Agency profile and send a job invuitation again, forcing the client to create two job posts. Can we change that?

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Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Filip,


Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate that you are giving us your suggestions on how we can improve the process we currently have. Please be assured that our team is constantly working on improving the site and adding features for the agencies to use.

~ Bojan