Agency owner working as non-exclusive freelancer

The scenario is that an agency has one member in team and that member is agency owner. Is it possible that the freelancer (who happens to be agency owner) send proposals as individual and not on behalf of agency?


I have an Agency and I can bid with both my Freelancer account and my Agency account.

Hope the owner of the Agency didn't make an unbelievably stupid mistake of switching exclusively to his own Agency, murdering his own profile in the process. 🙂

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Hi Arsalan, 

I would like to confirm the information shared above by Filip. You should be able to choose if you would like to send out your proposals as an agency freelancer, or as an individual freelancer. To learn more about this, pleae check this help article for more information. 

~ Avery

Can you please let me know where can I find the option to send a proposal as individual freelancer? I can not find this information in the link you provided. I have thoroughly checked settings of "agency" as well as "freelancer" profiles.

Hi Arsalan,


Just to confirm that because you`re an exclusive member of your agency you can't send proposals as an independent freelancer. 
You will need to change your status to Non-Exclusive freelancer so that you can send proposals and work as an independent freelancer as well. Thank you.

~ Goran

I have exactly same issue and question as this guy is:


Unfortunately, apparently there is no straightforward solution and his issue was resolved through a ticket system only (according to Goran's last message in that topic). 

Hi Arsalan,


We'll have one of our agents reach out to you via support ticket to assist you with your request.


Thank you for reaching out to us. 

~ Bojan