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Re: Agency posing as a Freelancer

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Rene K Member Since: Jul 10, 2014
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@Armand A wrote:

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@Armand A wrote:

It didn't become apparent till recently and I have already submitted two payments to them.  They are doing work, however, comms have started to suffer.

Do what you think is the best, but avoid to end-up in a situation that would be hard to get out later. Communication problems can rapidly have devastating effects on a project.

 I will know after I receive my demo this week.  If it is totally off then I will proceed with stopping and open a dispute.  What I am worried about, is, am I out what has already been billed hourly?  There has been MVP started and delivered, so I don't want to lose either the $ or progress.


Regardless, will flag them for other users.

 When you work with an hourly contract, you pay them for their time, not for a specific deliverable. If they logged their time using the time tracker and if they have entered relevant memos about what they were working on in the time tracker (which you can check through your client dashboard), you will lose the dispute.

But honestly, it makes sense to pay them for the time spent working on your project. If the result is not what you hoped, you can close the contract and leave an accurate feedback.


It is the client's responsibility to check the progress while hiring on hourly contracts and to pause the contract if something is off.

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