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Agency profile capabilities not suitable for teams?

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Kseniia K Member Since: Nov 25, 2017
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Hi, community! I want to start a discussion on the forum to gather opinions on the agency profiles and their capabilities. We have an agency account and some of the options of this plan seem frustrating for me. As an agency owner, I am also a team leader and we have been working as a team for three years already. We have been first taking projects on one of our freelancer accounts, then (because it was really inconvenient, for example we couldn't talk in chats with clients together) recently we have opened an agency account.

This question arose today again because I received a letter that my freelancer profile has been made private - because I did not work Smiley Happy I have assigned projects to my team members and engaged with clients several times a week in chat as a business manager. 
And because I can't add our projects to agency portfolio (it doesn't exist as an option), I added it to my own and now clients couldn't even see it because it was private. I opened a ticket and Upwork switched my account back to public, but only for a month, they said. This is not the main issue, though. What I would like to see is the fully functioning and logical agency profile.

In this profile I would like to:
- Change the agency URL to human-readable (it's impossible right now and we have /**Edited for Community Guidelines** instead of /**Edited for Community Guidelines** ) Smiley Happy
- Add our team portfolio to our agency profile
- Send proposals for the whole team or (which would be most logical) assign specific team members/freelancers to certain projects, if there are more than one person working. In our case, most of the time all three are working - we are a small team.
- Also, when I received invites myself (choosing to accept interviews as a freelancer under my agency) I couldn't add my team members to the discussion - so even if I wanted to, I couldn't "work" Smiley Happy


So, have some of you who have agencies experienced similar issues? How do you manage agency accounts and what would you like to change, if you could?