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Agency's shouldn't be hired through contractor profile!!!

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Vipin K Member Since: Aug 7, 2015
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Hello Moderators,


This is a suggestion about how upwork works for Agency's and Individual contractors. Now the way it works for Independent contractors is fine. But why you are making it as concerned that, client must be knowing whom they are working with, even if they work with an agency. I think, this idea is wrong. For example, when some one gives a house building contract to a building contractor, he/she never asks, who are all the labors going to work on it. He/she approaching the building contractor based on the reputation he has in the market. Same way, when I give my Car to service center, I won't ask who is going to repair it.. I look for the service company's reputation, not the worker/labor there.. This way, when a client contact an agency, they are never bothered of who is working on it.. they are concerned about the agency's reputation only.. If they are concerned about who is working on it, they will surely go for an independent contractor, they never need to approach an agency.. It was working seamlessly on elance and very much proven functionality only.. then why you are being so much concerned about this..

Infact you are restricting the opportunity for clients to work with good or reputed agencys.. because when they search for good agency's, its their contractor profiles been found in search result, not the agency with good reputation is shown there..


If possible, please try to re-consider it. Try to give options for the client.. if they need to hire a company/ageny, they can search for that.. if they need idependent contractors, they can search for that.. and if they are hiring agency's, let them hire the agency, not the contractor of the agency.. its just the agency will assign the project to any of their employee/contractor.. In this way, big clients who is looking for getting associated with offshore outsourcing partners will start coming to upwork and hire agencys.. also big time offshore outsourcing companies will start creating their agency profiles on upwork, to tap big clients on upwork, as well as to manage their existing clients through upwork for automated billing and project coordination purpose..

Hope to hear from you on this... Kindly consider this!!!



Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, I will forward it to the team. We have recently been making some changes in the way agencies work on Upwork, including making agencies visible in search along with individual freelancer profiles.

There should still be an individual contract between the client and each freelancer who is going to work on the project.


Thank you!

~ Valeria