Please some one help me, i am eager to create an agency of Profesional Virtual Assistant, Projects Cost Estimation, CAD Desing, etc. I have been working here in upwork by two years more or less. The thing is, i want to bring new profesionals and freelancers here to upwork, Universitary students and teachers, so can i set a kind of invitation via email, to anybody can join upwork, and be part of my agency?, note that i already have encouraged the people to join upwork, but when they try it, they can´t. 


And the another matter is, how i being the owner of the agency, can set the payments for the freelancers?, the payments are set inside upwork and upwork take a % every time i set a payment?, or the funds can be withdrawn with paypal for example, and make the payments outside of upwork.

Sorry for the huge question, regards.