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All active proposals have disappeared (no, they're not in Archived)

Hi there!


All (3) of my active proposals have disappeared, including one that is in interview stage. I checked Archived, and they are not in there.


Luckily, I can access the one that I'm interviewing for through Messages, since I've been messaging with the potential client. 


Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks,

Community Member

I have the same issue!

Hi Team,


I am not able to see my submitted proposal. I have submitted around 18 proposals. Now i can see only 4. Neither its visible in proposal list not its closed. I can see these submitted jobs in search job list.. but not able to see in proposal list why?


My feed page states I have submitted 14 proposals, when I click on the link only 6 are visable, the missing 8 are not in the active section nor the archive section, why the discrepency?



Community Member

Mine too. I cant see it in active proposals and in archives.

Good morning,

In my "Proposals" section my proposals have disappeared, there were more than 10.
What happened? How can I recover them?
My connections have dropped



All the proposals I have submitted in the last couple of days have disappeared.


They are not "archived". What could have possibly happened

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi All,


I'm sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you and would like to confirm that our engineering team is investigating this further. Once we have more details I will post an update here. Thank you.

~ Goran

I have only submitted 2 proposals so far, but neither one of them are showing up on my dashboard under submitted proposals. My account also still shows the 60 connects that I started with. Are the clients seeing my proposals? What is going on?

Hi Danielle,

When you go to your proposals you will be able to find the 2 submitted proposals under the Archived tab. Also your Membership Cycle was reset and that is the reason why you have 60 connects.
If you have any additional questions feel free to post them here. Thank you!

~ Goran

No I see nothing under archived proposals. I just barely submitted one of them how can they already by archived 1 min after submitting? Attached is screenshot of what I see.

Hi Danielle,

Please check your Archived Interview, your 2 proposals from this month are listed there.

If your referring to other proposals, please submit more details with the job posting links to our customer support on this Link. Our team will investigate this from our end and assist you further, thank you!

~ Goran

No the 2 I am referring to are not showing up under interviews. They are not showing up anywhere. I will email support. Thanks.

The link you sent looks like another community folder. How do I directly contact someone from support?

Hi Danielle,

I see that you were able to successfully open a ticket to our support team, I'll follow up with them and you should be getting an update directly on your ticket from them. Thanks!


@Nina K wrote:

Hi Danielle,

I see that you were able to successfully open a ticket to our support team, I'll follow up with them and you should be getting an update directly on your ticket from them. Thanks!


Can you verify something. If we applied to a job that was then removed because it was flagged as a scam, would it still be moved to the archive folder? Just wondering if that could be the case here.

Hi Virginia,

I can confirm that proposals for jobs that were removed by Upwork after being flagged, can be located in the archived section of proposals.


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I have applied to the above job and three other jobs which are not showing on my proposal link.

I have been using UpWork for abiut 2 years, and I know all proposals can be found in the menu "Find work/Proposal".
There I usually see all proposals, active anche anchived.
I have recently submitted for a job, but I can't see that proposal anywhere.
What does it mean?
If the client doesn't think I am a good candidate and says "no" to my profile, shouldn't I be able to see that proposal in the achived ones?
I don't want to submit again if the client doesn't want me, but this makes me doubt about the fact he/she really got my submission.... 

All of my proposals are missing this morning, including archived ones and ones I'm currently being considered for. Hopefully just a glitch that will be fixed soon.

I'm experiencing the same problem. My active proposal aren't in there nor in the archived proposal page. Can someone help? Advanced thank you. 

Community Member

Same here,   sent proposals are missing. Also as I post on the forum here, my   posts  appear  broken on my end with   irregular/incorrect spacing (that's another  bug).


I would expect the connects/proposal bug to be fixed asap, considering   Upwork   charges   us money for each proposal (connects=money).


And the third bug:   at least 5-6 (I lost count, stopped counting now) of the last jobs closed without hiring 

 did not result in returned connects (ie. at least   36 connects not returned, probably more). This is not the first time it's happening though. Usually the   prompt is to contact support regarding this, but if  I contacted support each times it happens, I'd be doing nothing else but contacting support. 

In my "Proposals" section my proposals have disappeared, there were more than 20.

What happened? How can I recover them?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sodagar, 

I checked your account, and I can see 27 submitted proposals here with one active proposal. Some of your proposals were archived

If you are missing some proposals based on these lists, please let us know, and our team will assist you. 

~ Avery

This morning I realized that many of my archived proposals have disappeared from my profile.I know that I have submitted many more proposals than are currently appearing in my account. Does Upwork auto delete archived proposals after a certain period of time? 

Community Member

Hi. I also have 4 active proposals that suddenly disappeared. I submitted another 2 a few minutes ago, both of them went missing not under submitted proposals and archived. My two new proposals were deducted from my total connects.
Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Alll,


I would like to confirm that it looks like this is a temporary glitch and after 20-30 minutes everything is back to normal. 
Could you all try clearing your cache and cookies or logging in via another browser to check if you're able to view your active and archived proposals? 

If anyone is still experiencing the same problem after 30-60 minutes, please reach out to me via PM with screenshots from your end. Thank you.

~ Goran

Thanks Goran, it seemed to have been a temporary issue and everything is appearing appropriately now.

Hi, Good Day,

I need help. My job proposals suddenly disappeared from the dashboard. However, if I go to the client job posting I can still see that I have my proposal for that job. I also looked at my archived proposals but the missing jobs are not there.

I'm confused about what is happening with my proposals.

my proposal tally appears to be diminishing now

Community Member

I've reported to UpWork support but still with no response.

Community Member

I was just wondering what has happened to the proposals I have sent recently.
They are not visible neither in my "Submitted proposals", nor in "Archived proposals".
I have not received any notifications about the closed or expired jobs.
Those proposals just suddenly went missing.
Cache and browsing data, all deleted. Different browsers show the same thing. Could someone please resolve this issue?
Please find attached some of the job posting that I have applied for. 
Thank you and have a great day!
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Hi. I am new on Upwork. My submitted proposals are not showing up. I submitted a few proposals. Why is this happening?

Interestingly, my archived proposals are there.  My old but not archived proposals are there.  However, the proposal I submitted over the weekend is nowhere to be found.

same problem for me too. proposals and active proposal are last week. not current week. 

Hi Mary and Ersin,

Please be patient for some time and everything should be back to normal. You can also try to check your active proposals by logging in via another browser as well.
If you're still experiencing the same problem, feel free to follow up here. Thank you.

~ Goran

Same here. Cleared browser cache but the proposals I submitted this morning are not there.


Also, I noticed on the first page of submitted proposals it shows (8), go to page two and its more accurate with (33). But the most recent are still not there.


Happens on both Safari and Chrome on a Mac

The proposal tally is changing every time I refresh, can I be assured that new proposals are reaching the clients as they are not showing up

Community Member


The Upwork web page and application does not work properly. 

It show last week active proposals and proposal. Not current week. Maybe cant update proposal databese.

Community Member

Hi, I have submitted a few proposals, but I cannot see them in the submitted proposals section. could someone help? There were some key offers that I really wanted and I cannot find them.....

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