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All clients entering max support "Critical" stage...

After the up's and down's of 2020 where each long term client was trying to save money and had slowed down activity on their project,

I am now in a situation where each client is acclerating and demanding a 30-40 hr commitment.
How are others handling this situation?

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Put your clients first.


Put your clients' needs above your own needs and interests.


This means identifying the work you can do, and telling everyone else that you do not have time for their project right now. If they have critical work that needs to be done right now, they need to work with other team members. Not with you.


Help them understand their choices:

Work with someone else.

Or wait a few more months to work with you.

In addition to what Preston has said, I think that if you have more work than you can handle, then it's time to raise your prices.

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