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All of my money is gone!

So after being tortured by having my account suspended due to a claim that I was linked to a client, my account has FINALLY been reinstated today. I was so stressed out because I needed my money to pay two bills I have coming up. Why is it that I logged in and looked just now and all of my money is gone?!?!?!? GONE!?!??!?!?! It says they've been reversed. HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME?!? I worked hard for my money and then you take it?!?! SO i work my ass off for this money... then you suspend me and don't allow me access it for forever and then finally when i gain acces, you take my money?! That's so illegal! I expect my compensation for my work! How could you take my money?! How? I'm going to cry


Sorry this happened to you!!! This would upset me as well! 

Did it go back to the client maybe? 


It says the funds have been reversed so I suppose it did. But the fact of the matter is, I did the work they have proof so how dare they take my money from me! It's stressful because the whole reason why i was so stressed about the suspension was because i needed my money. Now it's just gone. Vanished

I don't have answers, but I'm sorry this happened to you. 😞  You can pick on me all you want, but don't mess with my money man. 


People are terrible. Just know that there are a lot of great clients here. 

Yes like that's one thing you DON'T mess with is my time and money. I am really floored right now. And upwork didn't notify me or anything. They just took it. I'm shaking at this point. I can't believe how terrible my experience on this website has been the past week


So. You can't do anything about it right now. Wait for a moderator to come on and discuss with them. 

Easy for me to say, cuz I'm not in the situation right? 🙂 

I'm on the phone talking to a manager for customer care but I bet she will say I have to wait or open a ticket or something like they always do. Honestly, I am not waiting like I want my money RIGHT NOW. I waited alllllllll of this time while my account was frozen and now this? No more waiting! This is ridiculous

Make sure to tell them you want to speak to a supervisor. 


When the moderator gets here they can investigate it more deeply than a customer support person can. 


They should be able to tell you what has happened to your money and why.


The suspension you had...who's mistake was it? What was the situation with Upwork doing this.

Yes I spoke with a supervisor and she said she was going to try to work to handle it for me. She left messages for risk management manager and everything.


I don't even know why I was suspended. I just remember sending a proposal to a client, getting the job, completing the work in a few hours, and then the client approved it. And then the next day, I saw an error message saying my financial transactions were limited. I contacted everyone and they say I was "linked" to the client. I had no idea what that meant because that's nowhere in the user agreement thing. I followed all their requests. I did ID verification. All the while my funds were frozen. This took four days. I was frustrated and angry because I need my funds to pay a very important bill. 


My account was finally reinstated today by risk management. I went to my account and withdrew the amount that was available and was waiting for the rest. I went back tonight to look and everything was gone. Went to my transaction history and saw that they reversed the funds. I called the supervisor and she said that apparently the client will not respond to risk management and won't complete ID verification so without client cooperation, they take my funds. 


That makes no sense to me. 1. Upwork should be a platform that protects freelancers and works for us to get our due pay. I did the work. I showed them all of the messages and work completed in the process of the initial suspension investigation. They have seen that I completed the work. 


Fixed payments are protected by escrow, am I wrong? So the client funded the escrow account and then once approved, the money is mine. Anything on the client end should affect me because I should be protected.


At the end of the day, I expect to be paid for my work. That's that. I spent time and energy on assignments for this client so I deserve to be compensated for it. There's no question. Upwork should be ashamed to even do this. I am really really close to filing a complaint with the better business bureau or something. I am having a tumultuous and quite frankly discriminatory experience so far working with upwork. I am a recent college graduate. currently unemployed. this was my way to fund myself as I try to figure my life out. And upwork is making this all hell. I am shaking. I can't believe how terrible this experience has been.


And now I just am expected to wait on risk management. They take FOREVER to address anything and I already know that they're going t give me some bogus excuse as to why I can't get my money. I feel like this is unlawful. I am really going to sue this organization is I don't get my money promptly. This is oppressive.



I understand you are very frustrated, anybody would be in your situation. I am following up with our team members about your case. However, since we can't share details in the public Community, you will hear from the team via the open ticket.


Thank you for your patience.

~ Valeria

sure, valeria

@Terrell B wrote:

sure, valeria

Risk management does not take forever when it's a case like this. I would say 12-48 hours tops.


But, the moderator has said they are looking into it for you and I suspect your support ticket will be updated shortly.


So the whole suspension thing was not your fault?


Did the client have a verified payment system in place?


Escrow only protects you if the money is there. If for some reason the client disappears due to payment issues, then you could lose the money. 


But please, wait until you here back on your support ticket.

48 hours is forever.


they are always "looking into it".


No I to this day don't know what the suspension was for.


I don't remember. It was last week. The stress with this whole situation has annoyed me.


Yes, but if the money is in escrow and the milestone is funded, it's protected. The client approved the work. Gave me payment. Then the next day we were both suspended and she spoke to me ask apologized and was confused as well. She had no intention of stealing or taking money away. This was not done on her behalf. She seemed very genuine and confused about her suspension as well. This money was specifically taken out by upwork. The supervisor went over the transaction history with me and it shows that upwork had been in my account moving funds around.


Like I said, I am waiting. But I'm sure they're going to make this situation all the more difficult just like they had for the initial suspension.


I am a very great freelancer on this site. I completed my whole profile. I added as much info about my work experience and education as possible. I've verified my account through ID and bank statements. I just work and that's all. I don't know why upwork is constantly bullying me like this.

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