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Am I allowed to use a Payoneer card of a friend of mine



I want to use a payoneer card of my friend to pay for premium membership and getting paid. She also works here on Upwork, actually, she's the one who told me about Upwork.


I would like to know if one payoneer card can be used for two different accounts. We both work as a content writers, but we are not connected on Upwork anyhow (no joint projects or something like that).

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Anna, 


You must use your own registered and verified Payoneer account when using it as a payment method on the platform.


Please also take note that before sending earnings to Payoneer, confirm your Payoneer account and complete any necessary verification process with them. You are responsible for making sure that Payoneer provides the services you need before you send your money to them. Only send your earnings from Upwork to Payoneer once you know you can access your money after the transfer. You may learn about different Payment Methods on the platform here

~ Avery
Community Member

Hi, @Anna Thanks for asking this question.


@Avery I am a bit confused about your message here. I think Anna was referring to paying Upwork for membership or connects and your reply indicates the withdrawal payment method.

I came to a similar concern recently. I was trying to buy connect but my card failed to charge - don't exactly know the reason. But I need connects and maybe a premium membership as well. If this card doesn't work, my only option is to use a card from my friend who is also working in Upwork while maybe using the same card.

USD is not a native currency for many freelancers here and often getting an internationally supported USD card is hard for many. Is it possible that we can pay Upwork for connections and membership using any cards?

Let us know! Regards.

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