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Am I being scammed ? please give me a solution

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Intan Airlina F Member Since: Jan 13, 2015
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I applied to a job offer that told me the due date is 16th, and then asked me to go on skype for the details, they hired me at 14th, and when I added the client on skype, I took hours before finally he accept me, and still not giving any details, the job was writing about medical marijuana.


because the client who hired me a first timer and don't have any payment method verified, I was a little bit reluctant at first. but I still keep going with it. I've been waiting since 14 to 15th there are no given details to my skype, I even said that if he want to reach me he can just email me, I left a note there in skype and still no information just a small note in skype asked me to wait because there are some specific guidelines and then his skype go off and never go online.


the one who hired me in odesk have a different name with the skype  name, so I went back to message the one in odesk asking me to give explanations or details, since I can't even do the job if they asked me deadline in 16th and now until 15th they even gave me any details.


so I just make based on my research and start writing and submit, because the deadline is 16th, and I don't want to miss any deadline. just now the client message me on skype and said why I started, and when I replied because he gave me no option, He didn't responded all my questions asking for details, he just set a deadline in 16th, and I feel like being played and I don't want to get a penalty from odesk for not doing my job, then he responded that odesk won't do that.


I am confused, he's a first timer, not have a verified payment, he said he knew odesk won't do that, and seems a bit angry to me for "doing my job" and I don't know if what he said is true, but I am not comfortable here, I give him two options, either he continue and set another due date or just find another person.


so should I be worried about this job? am I doing things wrong? this is a fixed price job.



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Dianne M Member Since: Jul 25, 2013
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You can't be scammed if you have not submitted work yet.


Anyway, never ever begin work until the client has a verified payment method and he has set the first FUNDED milestone.


Remember and inform your client that all unpaid works remains your property so if I were you, end the contract and cite reason as bad communication or client didn't give details (so you don't get punished for HIS fault), and inform the client that you are not comfortable working with him anymore. If he goes crazy, send screenshots to support.


Make sure to rate him appropriately even if no payment transpired so the hidden Odesk metrics can take care of him.


He may be an old oDesk client who got suspended because of being rude so he has a new account. He does seem new but is familiar with the site, because guess what, it's likely he has multiple accounts or has an older discontinued account (I've seen that happen).


Maybe you can ask support to look into his account and voice out your suspicions. Support previously helped me take down a scammer so please do your part and report suspicious accounts/clients.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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the behaviour you described your client doing is enough for me to tell you that this is a complete waste of your time.


He wants you to do the work, and then he wants you to not do the work? He's asking you to hang out on Skype and wait around for him?


And his payment is unverified?


I am fairly certain he is not actually looking for a paid contractor. He is looking for a free indentured servant.


Fortunately for you, this is a fixed price job, so no hours have been billed.


I will NOT tell you what YOU should do.


I WILL tell you exactly what I would do if I were in this situation:


Thank him politely for his time and for being willing to give you this opportunity, but explain that you were talking to people on Odesk and they told you that it is important to never accept a job from a client whose payment is not verified. Then close the contract before he can respond and before he can verify payment.


After that, block communication from him via email, block him on Skype, block him on oDesk.

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Intan Airlina F Member Since: Jan 13, 2015
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Thank you so much,


You helped me so much, I will do that, I am ending my contract with him now.


This is a very good solution  Smiley Happy