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Am I doing it right? (An urgent 3-question thread)

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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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@Cameron C wrote:



"Is it normal to be paid $20 for 10 articles?" In my last job, I got paid $20 just by writing 8 with 1000 words max. But in fairness, he did state in his messages. But he also said that the average for the articles is 1500 words. However, it seems to that he's wrong. He's a nitpicky person about every detail so the article I made for him clocked in at 3400 words + HD pictures + a video he asked for. He wants the article to be great and 5 revisions had to be made (and he always refers to my work as "nice" and/or "good" that doesn't really help my self-esteem). I've spent more time revising it for him than I studied for my Midterms. So to make 9 more of these would probably suck the life out of me.


 It is absolutely not normal. 


I recently completed an article similar in length and features to the one you describe here, and because it was for a regular client I cut my rate for that piece to $325.


A lot of factors determine the rate for articles, including experience, special qualifications, niche, client's budget, etc., and only you can determine when the offered rate makes it worth your while to pursue a job. But, those who offer a low package price for several articles are typically not clients you want.