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Am I missing something here?

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Nassoro C Member Since: Nov 11, 2014
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@Suzanne N wrote:


Just a suggestion, but I would try and get the clients on the dead contracts to close them and ask them nicely if they would give you back feedback, not demanding but asking nicely could they please leave feedback accordingly. Get those closed out and focus on landing a customer support or sales job. You have great english, you have a long term job to show you can stick with something, Your JS is decent and so is you star rating. Look at something long term and write out a dynamic coverletter and I bet you land a long term position.

I am like you, I don't like to work more then 2 jobs but I am working 3 right now as one slowed down in hours, so I picked up another one with about 10 hours a week. I do customer service/tech support on my one job and love it and have been with the client for over 2 years. You could raise your rate some and make up the difference. I see you are an agency contractor, perhaps you should think about working just as a freelancer as well. Unless of course you are the agency.

Thank you very much for your great advice! I really value and appreciate it a lot. I am going to work on it especially by concetrating also on customer services; the field which I have a very good experience.
About my JS, few weeks ago was even much better than that 83% shown now on my Stats before oDesk mistakenly held my account for something which was beyond my control. Thanks God that, after filing complaints to them last weekend, they've finally released the held "account" and now reads "0" instead of "1" as it was in the last two weeks. I hope sooner or later, my JS will be resumed to its original status.
About being an agency contractor, I always apply avaialabe jobs by my freelancing account and not as a an agency. The day when I opened my freelancing account, I found an option to create a company. I don't think if I spent even a minute to digest that option but all I know I added it in my profile though I'd never used it and I don't think if I will in the near future. With your long term experience at oDesk, may be you can advice me if there's any negative impact for it to be displayed on my profile though it's practically not operational. 
Again, thank you very much for your constructive advice.


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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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Just my opinion, but I would remove the agency off your job. You will have a better chance at landing more jobs without it there. 


Good Luck.

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Jon-Paul R Member Since: Dec 15, 2010
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The system for oDesk to get the right people to the right application has been in place for years.... Many, many years.  If an employer wants 4.5 stars and above then the employer should get only that.  Not just some guy that wants to apply anyway with 2 stars... They want North America, then only North America sees it and they therefore get North American people....


Now tell me what charging me $2 per connect is going to accomplish beyond what the filtering already can do at no charge?

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Karin S Member Since: Dec 6, 2009
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I must say the connect system has become such a frustration to me. 

I dont know how much I have already spent to bay new connects. When costs 2 for each job.

And, I am not bidding on projects I am not qualified for. It is projects I am well educated for.

It has been less replies from cients than before. Much less. and I just cant understand what happend here. 

I use to really like Odesk . Friendly and a place where I could work on projects with freedom. 

Still ike it here. But I am worried. I have payed so much in baying extra connects. And to me it is not fair. 

What changed everything here ? 

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Mr M Member Since: Apr 27, 2013
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I have 0 connects left in my account and like those who are talking in this topic that (((( apply to a job you are qualified to )  so i too know that where to apply and where to not . 

In most of my applied jobs this month , clients were not serious in hiring anyone ((( you know what ???? i will say FAKE CLIENTS ))))) and i will also say that before contractors was spaming and now our very Respectfull Clients Are spamming with fake jobs . 

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