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Am I the only one unsatisfied with Upwork's new help center options?

What happened to the old Upwork assistance live chat? I preferred that way more than this emailing system with copy and pasted answers that don't answer my concerns or questions entirely.

I was not satisfied with one answer I was given and seeked a new one and nothing, they dismissed it because I already asked it.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm kind of disappointed.


You are not the only one,  their support has gone down the drain.  I cannot get answers and the ones I get do not answer the problem that is when you actually get to support.  You have to wait a week to get paid when the money is already in escrow, there is no phone support or chat and even getting to support is nearly impossible.  I am not sure but I feel their practices are on the verge of being illegal.  I think if a client puts money and it is held in escrow, then they release the funds I have to wait a week for them,  this is poor practice.  Try to reach support to complain and they say they take concerns seriously but nobody fixes this racket.  They take more percent than Elance did and the service sucks.

It is not Upwork's intention to satisfy all freelancers' desires with their Help Center options.


Upwork is a business. To maximize profit, it is impossible to provide all possible customer support options to all people all the time.


Your criticism of the available options is valid. But you are not thinking through the numbers.

Hi Shawn, 


Please know that the security period applies to all payments and refunds on all contracts. It gives us time to process and clear the payments, and resolve any disputes, before funds are released to freelancers.


The team is still looking into solutions to reduce the security period, while still maintaining the high level of protection users' payments currently have. If we have any feedback from our Product team regarding this, we will be sure to update the community. At this time, we can confirm that the team is not considering reducing the timeline of the releasing funds in Escrow.


~ Avery
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mary, 

I'm sorry that you feel that your second email was ignored. As an SOP, our support team merges tickets from users who post the same question again, or request for updates on their initial ticket. This helps them attend to your needs more efficiently and effectively. 

I checked your ticket and can see that your emails were merged. Please check your email as the team has responded to your ticket already. 

In the future, if you want to make a follow up on your ticket, you may simply reply on the very first email thread that you have. You should also be able to access it under My Requests on this page.

~ Avery

Preston. The issue is being able to communicate with upwork. It's nearly impossible. You get 20% the least you can do is make it easy to talk to someone.

@SHAWN G wrote:
Preston. The issue is being able to communicate with upwork. It's nearly impossible.

 No it isn't.


If you do not qualify for phone support or chat support (which is available to top rated freelancers and clients) then you can raise a ticket.


If people didn't waste Support time to whine about policy (such as the security period) more support options could be available to more freelancers. The place to bleat about policies you don't like is the Feedback function, NOT support.



People abuse Support as a feedback portal or to ask questions for which the answer can easily be found in the help sections, or to repeat complaints because they "didn't like" the answer they have already been given,  hence they cause the situation where premium support options are restricted to premium users.

I qualify for chat support but have just shown that they could do nothing to help me but ask me to raise a support ticket which I haven't heard from yet...


I have sent the appropriate documents and been 100% cooperative but your reps just "CAN'T" help. and I'm using their own words to me... 2 Reps told me they can't help but they only can escalate and remind whoever it is who handles issues like this to work on the support tickets...


So explain that, will you?

I agree with Shawn.


Even in Chat, Upwork gives me a difficult time. I know each freelancer platform has their pros and cons but why do you guys make it hard for us?


What is your criteria for running Upwork in a "Moral" and "Ethical" way?


Suspend freelancers who have hard earned money in their account so you can earn more off them? Make it hard for them to withdraw their funds so you can keep it for longer? How can you say you are working on your end to make Upwork better when your Chat support reps can't even reactivate a legitimate account with proper documentation?

And your "escalation" process looks like you are just locking out freelancers from updating their support tickets?


Hoping you would clarify this for all of us reading this forum post...


Did you verify your account as requested? Have you waited to hear back from someone? How long? How many times have you contacted them interrupting the process?

This guy just keeps posting in every thread he can find to whine about his case. 





Shawn G. posted:


Preston. The issue is being able to communicate with upwork. It's nearly impossible. You get 20% the least you can do is make it easy to talk to someone.




Shawn, I can assure you that if you personally took care of everything that Upwork takes care of for we Freelancers and/or paid others to do it that it would cost far more in time/$'s than Upwork charges us.