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Am in U.S. (HI). Why does upwork keep advising potential cusomers receving proposals that I am not?

This is frustrating.  First, you advise that you are charging for contacts.  Then you keep advising potential clients, wrongly, that their criteria are not met.




Then it is incredibly hard to find an email to ask you to stop doing this.  On a Saturday, your phone number is not helpful either.  Aiyee.


Hi Judy,


I understand your frustration. Clients can add their preferred qualifications that they would like freelancers to meet. If you do not qualify, then this notice appears, but that does not mean that you can't apply to the job posted.


If you apply, the client will receive a message saying that the freelancer does not meet the required qualifications. To hire the freelancer or not, is up to the client. If you think that you are perfect for the job, then I encourage you to write a winning proposal detailing why you are the best freelancer for the project. If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you!

~ Joanne

Your response may overlook that HI IN FACT IS in the U.S.: 50th state.

Also, proposals DO include a winning pitch. But if Upwork keeps advising
potential clients such things as lack of qualification because of "one hour
only" (WHAT, that has never been a submission), or "not in U.S.," the
contact for which a charge now occurs probably goes no further.

Your response would be more welcome if it told how you will correct this
kind of thing. Preventing it in the future is at least as important. The
proposals take time. They cost money to make. You will see that about l
in 4 proposals are said wrongly not to meet requirements of a potential
client, while lots of time, now money, are going into each contact.

Please correct!


Upwork, you have plastered maps all over our profiles.  TRY CONSULTING ONE.  Hawaii has been an official US state for years.

Hi Judy,


I apologize for overlooking your concern with local job posts. Can you please share the job post title so that I can check with the team? Thanks!

~ Joanne
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