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Amount remaining in contract less than funded milestone

I found a milestone I never submitted for and want to do now, but the amount remaining in the contract is less than the funded milestone amount due. What happens in this case?


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Your client can edit the amount of the milestone, if I'm not mistaken. You can ask them to do so for you.
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Hello Jacqueline,


Please note that only the amount funded in escrow are covered by the Fixed-Price Protection. We strongly advise that freelancers must only accept offers if Escrow is fully funded for the contract amount, through one or multiple Milestones. Thank you.


But I could put in for it at what does remain as funded, just I don't think I can adjust the amount.


I am continuing to work with this client on other aspects of the project with different contracts.  I'm sure he would be notified if I submit for this earlier one, yes? So I'm thinking just say I missed this one, I'm putting in now and I see it's less than the milestone amount, and that's ok. Because otherwise he might panic thinking he had to add money.

I think you can alter the amount that you are requesting when you submit your milestone. (Check for a box in the upper right.) I could be recalling things incorrectly though. So- not the greatest answer, but the best I've got. 

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@Ryan C wrote:

Hello Jacqueline,


Please note that a milestone is not covered by the Fixed-Price Protection if escrow is not fully funded. Thank you.

It **IS** fully funded, in fact there are more funds than the OP wants to request...


Jacqueline, you can simply click on "Submit work and request payment" and then edit the amount to what you are owed. This will prompt the client to approve, if they approve it then you get that amount, the rest remains in Escrow.

If the client does nothing, the amount you requested (up to what's funded) is released to you after 14 days.


Thanks, Petra.


I did see that option (to edit amount) when I went to submit, and did edit to match amount remaining available in the contract. However on the Report Overview Page, the amount is still listed at the original milestone amount, not what I edited it to. Wondering if that's normal or something went wrong. 


Maybe no need to do anything further or worry about that, if it will only pay out what is available anyway.  

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