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Android mobile app for freelancers shows notifications very late

I'm using the Android mobile app for freelancers and more or less everything works perfectly, except the notifications.


Most of the time the notifications show really late and when they eventually pop up, they come all at once. Email notifications arrive hours earlier sometimes one by one in perfect order.


The tipping point for posting this was that yesterday night I got a hilarious notification of me just becoming Top Rated! I mean, that's almost 5 years late. 🙂


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mikko,


Thanks for sharing your feedback. Would you mind providing more information about the notifications you've received recently with a delay in a  private message? 


Regarding the Top Rated notification you mentioned receiving, we released code yesterday that accidentally re-triggered the "welcome to Top Rated/Rising Talent" notifications to freelancers who were already Top Rated/Rising Talent. We have rolled back that code which should have resolved this bug. We apologize for the confusion the notification created.

~ Vladimir
Community Member

Thanks Vladimir for the explanation.


Next time I see the typical notifications about messages and stuff coming late, I'll try to take a screencap and send it to you.

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