Another forum bug

Timestamps on posts that are more than a few days old are wrong. They list the date correctly, but as you can see below, December 15th was not 11 hours ago...




I've noticed that bug since the forum launch but I thought they must have already acknowledged it since no one seems to be bothered by it.


My BFF was looking at my screen the other day and he said, "whoa! you're working in a back to the future hub, that's total time space-warp!" I said, "yeah we all got super powers there" haha!


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I noticed that bug as well; incorrect time stamps on posts. I have also noticed that some members' sign-up dates are wrong.


I sure miss that one-click method for pulling up all of my posts. The search feature here in the new oDesk Community Forum is growing less and less effective.


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My bugs seem to have picked up oDesk and can't get it fixed however hard they try...

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi guys,


We are aware of the inconcistencies in the way some time stamps are displayed on the forums and it has already been added to the list of issues to be addressed in the near future.


Thank you for your patience!

~ Valeria

With regard to lhat list of issues, would it be in everyone's best interest if oDesk posted their lists of "to-do's" including estimated due dates in a prominent location within the new oDesk Community Forum so that all members can refer to such action item lists? Are such lists already posted somewhere? If yes, where?

Obviously, this might require more than one list, or at least an outline format that would provide for categorization of specific areas and issues within the oDesk Community Forum. I'm certain that oDesk must have some type of system in place for tracking and management of support issues as they relate to the Community Forum. Does oDesk have and use a system for that  purpose?

Does oDesk acknowledge and agree that the new oDesk Community Forum is already becoming cluttered and disorganized as a result of repetitive posting of the same topics in numerous areas and often in the wrong areas?

Does oDesk acknowledge and agree that the new oDesk Community Forum search feature is already becoming less useful as a result of the aforementioned clutter and disorganization?

Does oDesk deploy system admins dedicated to the oversight and maintenance of the new oDesk Community Forum? Or, do those responsibilities fall unto others that must work in multiple areas within oDesk, thus, making actions less timely and prioritization of action items more cumbersome.

I am certain that I am not the only one that wants to see oDesk succeed; otherwise, why be here in the first place? Clients succeed, freelancers succeed, hence, oDesk succeeds. That cannot happen with emphasis on building and preserving a client-centric only environment. The needs of the freelancers (Start with the job search features for freelancers use) are just as important in order to make things work well for all members.

Do not forget about the need for transparency. The "to-do" or action item lists suggested above are just a start. At least those lists, if members will refer to them, might help reduce the already growing state of clutter and disorganization of information.

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Ron aka LanWanMan