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Re: Another suspended account. I am looking for help, or for some answers.

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Mikhail R Member Since: Apr 23, 2015
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Hello, everyone!


First of all, I want to excuse me for my english level - it's not my native language.


My name is Mikhail and this is my very first topic here. I want to tell my story and to sound off.


I became a freelancer at in 2012. I tried my best to fill in my profile carefully, complete some tests, and finally I've got my first fixed-rate job. Everything went just great - I got 5 of 5 review for it. I believed in myself. After that I completed 2 more jobs - another fixed-rated and one hourly-rated. I've received no feedback or any rating for the last one, because I was able to complete the job in about two hourds - my client was satisfied by the speed and result.


After then there were some circumstances that forced me to give a break to my career as a freelancer - I moved to another city and I found an offline job because I could not take the risk - my freelance experience was too small.


Three years have passed since then, and in a couple months ago I thought that it will be great to check out oDesk - I wanted to look for any interesting projects, show my new skills etc. I wanted to work. And I still do.


After logging in I've got a strange message saying that my account has been suspended. Without any notifications at all (double checked). After a short email to the oDesk Help Team I understood that this will be a long discussion. For the next night and half of a day I tried to get the reason for my accounts block. 


From all the messages I've (or my fantasy) got only one reason - once I created an account I must work without any breaks. I thought about ISP - when I go to vacancy I "freeze" my account so I don't need to worry about any payments for the Internet. I asked if there is some kind of instrument like this - and if it was, maybe my mistake was in not using it at the right moment. I've got no answer.


So, to clear things up - I've got a "newbie" account, with 5/5 reviews and feedbacks containing words "great" and "awesome". Account is blocked and I was told about 3 times that it cannot be ever unblocked. The funny moment is that I cannot ever totally delete my account from the system - there is no such option.


My question is - business-related things in a real world are really like this? Or maybe I still don't understand something correctly?


Right now my thread at oDesk Help is marked as "solved" and oDesk Help Team customers are ignoring me. For me this problem is not solved at all.


Please, if you are still reading, give me an advice - what should I do now?

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Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Mikhail,


Sorry to hear your account has been suspended. oDesk routinely evaluates freelancer performance and while taking a break from working on the platform will not affect the result of the review, there are a number of factors that will. You can find more about those factors from this help article.

That being said, your concern has been forwarded to the appropriate department and your account will be reviewed once again.


Thank you for your patience. 

~ Valeria
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Mohd N Member Since: Jul 9, 2017
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my  friend account was suspended, I think due to sending  a lot of proposals he  ask everything daily the customer support what are the things and he do every move very clearly, but customer support dint said anything about that and the account was suspended due more number of proposal he dint get any warning at all and he want to reopen my account


Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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We won't be able to discuss your friend's account status here. However, you can direct him to the notification the team sent him with instructions to submit an appeal. If his appeal has been declined, unfortunately, his account will remain closed.

~ Valeria