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Another type or scam or Not?

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Irene A Member Since: Feb 18, 2015
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I was hired by someone here and the offer was to dropship item on eBay. It was not a problem to me for I am also doin the same here in our country (but not on eBay). The job was to list item on my eBay account for auction, wait til it's sold, withdraw the money from  my paypal, and then send him the money... So the item was sold, payment's sent to my paypal, I withdrawn the money and wait for instruction. To my surprise, the client told me to send the money via Western Union, I asked him if he has paypal, skrill or bank account he told me no, because they still in the middle of settin up their account. So because I was thinking that he needs the money (because he told me that I need to send it so he can ship the order and get new stuffs) I agreed to send the money via WU. After 10 days, the customer send me an email regarding the item, and he found out that the item was not in AU but instead in UK, so he asked for refund, I am willing to give him a refund, the problem is, I dont have the money anymore. Days past and then I received an email from paypal that i have a dispute from the customer. I explained to him what i need to explain, but he refused to communicate via ebay but instead via paypal resolution only. I called ebay regarding that problem, i called paypal and provided them with the tracking number. I dont know what I was thinking that moment, I searched the courier and to my suprise, I saw post about it and it was a scam! Paypal favored the customer despite my explanation, now i have -$1750 on paypal, and I cant use it now.


If any of you encouter this kind of offer;

$100+ebay fees+5% of the selling price, please dont fall for it.. Now I am using skrill, to avoid any problems from my paypal....

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Aseem B Member Since: Dec 20, 2014
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Yes it is a scam. And if you fell for it , you will probably get your ebay or paypal account permanently banned.


It is your responsibilty to sell genuine products to your customers. It is your responsibility to make sure that the actual products and their sales page descriptions are the same. The customer is dealing directly with you and trusting you(Not some dropshipper). Always make sure that your dropshippers are trustworthy. Most of the good dropshippers will not hire people on odesk. I have done some research on this topic when I was thinking about getting into ecommerce business and this is a common scam going around. The employer used your account to sell a knockoff and the penalty will go onto your account. I will repeat again, it is your fault that you trusted him. Report him on odesk right away.   

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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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You also dealt with money outside of oDesk, so your oDesk account may soon be going the way of your Paypal account. Again, your fault.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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I just want to commend and thank Irene for being so forthright and comprehensive in sharing this story. I mean, she royally messed up here, and she may find yourself banned or severely penalized on three different sites. But she earns back a bit of karma, in my mind, by sharing her story.

So to anybody reading this story, the lesson is this:
Don't do any of the things that Irene did.

There is a silver lining here. The internet is in some ways still a wild frontier. Irene lives in the Philippines and the victim who paid her money via PayPal for an eBay item she didn't really have is in another country. So the silver lining is that I think Irene is pretty safe from being criminally prosecuted.

This is not necessarily good news for the victim of the scam, but it is good news for Irene.

I really do wish Irene well. She seems like the kind of person who is very nice and genuine if you meet her offline in the "real world." Her affable personality in person is probably going to be increasingly beneficial to her new career focus.
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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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I guess the final piece of the story that I wonder about is this:
Did PayPal actually refund the customer $1750?
If they did, then this is a pretty generous policy. If they did not, then there is still a very unfortunate customer out there who paid $1750 and received nothing.

Maybe somebody who knows about eBay and PayPal can answer this question.