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Another way to verify location?


I live in Florida, USA but I'm originally from the UK. I do not have any of the following. Is there another way to verify my location? I have a visa, USA phone number, copy of my lease etc




Instantly verify your location:

Simply upload an image of your U.S. state issued driver’s license, state ID card, green card or United States passport. You’ll only need to do this once, and verification happens in real time.


Can you set your location to the UK and provide that evidence?

I suppose but would rather stick to the USA if that is where I am living so I am truthful about my location.


Thanks for the quick reply though.

What documentation do you have proving that you are permitted to work in the U.S.? That would probably the documentation you need to prove location. 

I have my B1 and B2 Visa

re: "I have a visa, USA phone number, copy of my lease etc... I have my B1 and B2 Visa"


Well, you should be fine, then.


The State of Florida has a very detailed list of possible documentation you can provide if you are a non-citizen in order to get a state-issued driver's license or a state-issued ID card. You can do this with relative ease.



Driver Licenses/ID Cards - What To Bring


Then just take your documents (as described) to your local DMV and get a state ID. Upwork will be happy to accept your Florida-issued ID card.

Thanks. I was just trying to see if there was another more manual option of proving that I live on the states without going to get additional ID’s.

Upwork aside, you obviously don't want to live in the United States without ID. 


So, since you are going to get the ID anyway, you don't need to worry about other methods of verification. I don't think Upwork has other methods for U.S. residency verification. You already listed them all in your initial post.

I have been here 7 months and not needed or even been asked for US ID or planned on getting it. I’ve found that a UK driving licence and UK passport has been fine for ID. Even my car is insured using my UK licence. This is the first time I have run into anything that assumes because I reside in the USA that I would have the documents that it asks for.

re: "I have been here 7 months... my car is insured using my UK licence."


I am not trying to give you a hard time, but the legality of you driving in Florida ended approximately today.


Under Florida state law your British license is valid while you are not a resident. But within 30 days of becoming a resident, you need to obtain a Florida license. You are defined as a resident after living in Florida for six consecutive months.

That’s good to know. My insurance company advised me not to get a US licence as it would increase my premium. I will look into this. Thanks

If it was me I would definitely NOT get a Florida license if I did not need one and if it would increase my insurance premium.


So I am right with you on this. But if I'm understanding the law correctly, I think they want you to get a local license.


My advice: don't take my word for it, because I don't even live there... I would go to the DMV and ask them.

Hi Chris, 

If you're staying in the U.S. indefinitely, and would be applying for the necessary work documentations, you can use either of the following documents to verify your location - Driver’s License, State ID card, United States Passport, Green Card.


If you're in the U.S. temporarily, I would suggest that you register with your U.K. address, and advise your would-be clients that you are temporarily in the U.S. to account for the differences in the time zone, and location noted on your profile. 

You will need to have the proper work documents to be able to work on Upwork, and would recommend checking this with a local advisor. 

~ Avery