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Any Taiwanese freelancer here? How do you process the payment? USD wire transfer to bank?

I tried the wire transfer USD option using my ChungHwa postbank account. After several days of waiting, I received a message that it failed.


I received an email from Upwork support stating the reason is " Incorrect SWIFT / Routing Instructions" even though I checked the SWIFT code that I used gazillion times already and it's perfectly correct. They also suggested to add a new payment method.


So I thought maybe think bank is not compatible, so I went to a different bank to open an account--Fubon Bank. Fubon Bank supports numerous international currencies, so I thought it would work. So I set up my Fubon bank account for wire transfer payment  and then same thing is happening. It's been a couple of days and still not yet processed/deposited into my account. 


If you're from Taiwan or if you know how to address this issue, could you share how you're doing it please? Thank you.




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