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Any suggestions for my profile?

What should i do to get the projects? Please suggest me if i am doing something wrong with my profile and help me out to get the projects.

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Welcome to Upwork. I had a look at your profile. The thing that stood out for me is the typos on the profile page. I know English is your second language, and I think it is awesome when people speak more than one language, but the majority of clients are English-speaking and may be afraid their website will be returned with errors on in the text parts. 


As it stands, the fluent in English badge on your profile is contradicting your profile (and your message here). Unfortunately, this may be putting some clients off, even though your skills as a website designer may be amazing. To improve your chance against the hundreds of other web designers on here, look at correcting your profile first. 




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Thanks @louisa ...Will try to correct all the errors. Yes my English is not good but trying to improve my skills. Also can you give me more suggestions regardign the clients point of view as a graphic designer?

I think that your English is fine. The biggest problem is that you have hardly anything in your portfolio; if you're trying to get graphic design work, this is the most important thing. And don't apply to a project unless you have specific samples to show the client; for example, don't apply to a packaging project by showing the client brochures that you've done; only apply if you can attach at least three samples of packaging designs. You'll have a much better chance of being hired that way.
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