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Anyone can advise about this agency right on Upwork

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Rayhan M Member Since: Mar 13, 2016
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Hello! I have an individual and agency account here since 2011.
Over 7+ years I am working as a freelancer and an agency owner too. During this time I have successfully and honestly completed few thousand of projects on Upwork.
Few months ago I appointed/added an employee or team member in my agency profile. For this process that employee must has an account on Upwork. So I advise him to first create a profile here.
So that he created a new account here. And before his profile verification process from Upwork, I already gave him few projects to complete under my agency. He did those projects well. Then all completed projects record automatically added is profile. And during this time he verified his account by upwork.
After verified his profile he suddenly left my agency and start his own business here. Also off all type of communication with me. And I have nothing to do with that freelancer. Is this right?
I have introduced his profile to my clients and also arranged his first 6 projects to work. But he completely use me to created and verified his profile on Upwork. As I believe that honestly if he trying to get his first project as a new freelancer then he must be struggle for a long time. And no guarantee that he will success.
What should I do now for his fraud activity?
Is there any right for agency owner?
Can Upwork close this account?
Please need your honest opinion.