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Anyone else find it frustrating...

That clients can post job/project listings like they have immediate work to be done but it ends up being something that they want to do "in the future"?


I've spent way too much time on Upwork with people creating job listings saying they have "immediate work" or "clients from my agency", then go through the process of interviewing and it ends up just being a plan of their's for the clients they're "going to have" sometime down the line? And then more often than not, they ask for our personal work to showcase as case studies.


There needs to be a better way to vet clients for the listings they are posting. Or give freelancers an opportunity to report these clients as misleading. We're already spending the time and money to submit these applications thinking we have an opportunity for work but both are being thrown down the drain when it ends up being a person with no real plan other than hopes of starting an agency.

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That's the reality of being freelance, you can't do much about it really. I'll reccomend you to find some full time clients on Upwork! Stay strong!

I completely agree that the freelancing gig comes with unfulfilled job opportunities. But when job listings are posted and the client knowingly posts that they have immediate work or an existing client list, only later to find out that they don't have any clients at all, they shouldn't be allowed to do that without getting flagged.

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Yes, this is so common and looks like everybody is just trying to hunt for work no matter what he has to do. And for freelancers, they are spending lot of time to provide information and sharing work too for others.

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